My Car: Volkswagen Lupo 1.4


When I started working at my current job, I did not want to have to rely on public transport and wanted to be able to get to work save and dry.

My dream car is a BMW and ofcourse I’ve looked at many secondhand BMW’s. But yeah.. they are quite expensive to have.. The price to purchase┬áthe car isn’t the issue really. But the costs of insurance, road tax and to keep it running are just way to high for what I earn.

So then I started looking for VW Lupo’s since i liked them to. I found the one I have on the internet and went to the dealer with my dad to try it. After a trial ride and some negotiating I purchased the car and picked it up all nice and ready a few days later.

I like the Lupo because it is a decent little car. It is low in costs for insurance, road tax and maintenance. Also it is very economical with the fuel which is good for the environment and the wallet. There are more cheap, small and handy cars but I like the Lupo since it doesn’t give you the feeling you are driving a little car. The interior is nice and it doesn’t look all cheap and plasticy.

I have the 1.4 liter model which gives quite a lot of power for the car. There are also versions with 1.2 or 1.0 liter engines. Those are more economical but less powerful.

lupo22016-01-01 09.48.18