Music: Nowadays NL


When people ask me what music I like, I always have a hard time coming up with something. This is not because I don’t like much music but the opposite! I listen to all kinds of music.

I like Rock music a lot but I can also enjoy a good hardstyle song. If a nice dubstep song passes by I will not turn off my radio either. And when I am in a calm mood you can sometimes find me listening to piano or organ music.

When I need to get stuff done I most of the times listen to Rock music. There are a tremendous amount of Rock bands and styles but I will not all list them now.

Like you can see in the title of this post I will tell a bit about Nowadays NL. This band unfortunately stopped making songs together but maybe they will be back in the future.

One of my closest friends is the leader of the band. Together with his friends (and ex-classmates) they made some awesome songs starting in 2013. By rehearsing in a garagebox and performing in bars, clubs and at parties they’ve got what they’ve become.

I don’t really like to say a musician or band sounds like ….band or … artist but if you want to compare.. no.. I wouldn’t say compare.. Let’s just say they are influenced by bands as Kensington, Di-Rect and Coldplay.

I can tell you more about the band but I will just shut up and let you listen!

Nowadays – Who We Are (Official Music Video)

Nowadays- Freedom Will Be Mine (Recording video)

More information about the band you will find on their official Facebook page.