Homemade pizza baguettes

Yesterday I baked off two baguettes for breakfast. After one baguette cheese I was full so I thought I’ll keep the other one for lunch.

When lunchtime arrived I wasn’t really into another baguette cheese.. Since I love pizza, I  got the idea of making a pizza baguette.

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Pan-made Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2016-05-16 18.34.58

Today I made a grilled cheese sandwich, or how we say in dutch: “Tosti” and no.. not from a sandwich grill but the one made in a pan!

The grilled cheese sandwich is eaten by a lot of people in lots of countries and areas. The grilled cheese sandwich is originated somewhere in the 1920s. Back then sliced bread and cheese became quite cheap and so people began to try out things with it.

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Fried zucchini slices

2013-08-24 19.38.22

Let me be really honest with you guys.. I like cooking but I don’t like most vegetables. There are endless ways of preparing your meat or potatoes but most veggies are eaten raw or cooked/steamed.

Zucchini’s are quite cheap here and they are full of vitamins. They don’t really have a distinct taste which makes them usable for almost every dish.

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Banana in cream on a crusty base finished with chocolate

A while ago I saw an instagram photo of a friend and blogger who ate banana bread at a place in the city. This inspired me to make this dessert. This can also be used as a normal cake.


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