Series: The Walking Dead


One of my favourite series of all times is The Walking Dead. A lot of people I know where watching this show and also the internet was full of it.

I never liked movies or shows about zombies or dead people so I didn’t care at all. But then, when I was in-between jobs and had a lot of times on my hands and watched a lot of shows, I thought: F*ck it, lets just try!

The first episode amazed me truly. The whole scene was beautiful and everything was so well recorded. When I was watching the show I never had the feeling it was on a filmset or it was decor and not real. The characters are all strong and nobody is quite the same or boring.

I love it that throughout the episodes you see people change and see people working together while they would never even imagined that before it all begun. I mean a though, hunting, biker dude and an abused stay-at-home mom getting friends and kicking ass together?

The seasons (As in season 1,2,3..) are not the same. Some have a lot of action in it and if you’d miss an episode you wouldn’t understand. Others focus on specific things or are almost boring since not a lot happens. I had some episodes on which I started to lose interest. Luckily this never took long and it was back to the action again.

It is also a bit a love and hate relationship with the show. On one side you hope they settle down somewhere and rebuild the world again. On the other side that is quite boring and you hope they get to action.

Luckily the people of the show understand this all and it is a nice combination of both. Same with actors.. If a key-figure dies you think: NO! NOT HIM! but on the other hand it would be fake if all survive and only side-actors die.

If you like a good show with a catching story and a beautiful scene TWD is really for you. If you don’t like zombie shows just try! Of course there are ugly and scary ones featured.. but the overall show will keep you wanting more and more!