Technology is awesome. It has brought us to places that people from before the ‘digital age’ could never imagine. Not in their wildest dreams would they’ve thought it would be possible to have devices that can connect people from all over the world.

Devices that can cure diseases, that can teach us almost everything, that can predict or calculate things our brain could never do. Not only did we create these devices, we made them so that almost everyone can have one. We even created devices we can carry with us at all times and fit in our hand and pocket.

If we would be able to tell those people from the past, what we could do today with technology, they would be amazed! Possibly they will start speculating of what would be possible with these devices. But I don’t think their speculation would be close to how we use the technology now.

One would think that with all these possibilities we would improve our social life. However, nowadays it seems to destroy our social life more than that it improves it.

Social media is a wonderful way to keep in contact with friends, family and people from all around the world. We can search for like minded people or we can inspire ourselves with what others do. But why is social media turning into platforms of hate, fear, jealousy, fights and pain?

It is like people put on a mask when they are communicating through their device. Instead of using it to improve ourselves and our lives we rather use it to fuck up the lives of others. It creates a distance big enough that we dare to vomit our negativity onto other people.

Not only do we abuse the digital possibilities to be anonymous, it also created a distance in our personal social life.

It happens so easily that a chat from someone is read but then forgotten about. Like it doesn’t matter since it is online. When asking one why they did not respond in a chat the response is mostly not excusing, its the opposite. Nowadays asking why a person ignored you is weirder than the ignoring itself.

Image it being in ‘real life’.. You see a friend at the supermarket or bus stop, the friend says “Hey! How are you doing?” and you just walk away like that friend doesn’t exists at all. It is almost unthinkable that would happen. Yet it happens a lot, just online!

How did it come so far that we abuse this wonderful technology instead of using it to everyone’s advantage?

I made a couple friends online, some from where I live, but also quite a lot of people from all around the world. These people mean a lot to me. For me online friends are also friends. Of course they are not close enough that I can just jump in my car and visit them. But is that what is necessary in a friendship?

It makes me sad how some people see other people when they are in contact through a device. It’s like respect is something that doesn’t exist in the digital world. Online friends are often seen only for when one is bored or needs someone to talk with. People get ignored as if there is no actual human being behind that message.

I am very grateful for all the friends I have. Online and offline. They are all a part of my life. A lot of them helped me when I was in need, laughed with me in the good times and comforted me in sad times. People that helped me create myself and deal with all things life throws at us. Without these people I wouldn’t be who I am now.

I really hope people will realize what they are doing when they are online. Let’s start using our devices in a positive way. Let’s make each other, and ourselves, happy through this awesome technology!

Let’s smash down the wall of ignorance and disrespect that we created on social media. Let’s threat each other with respect and see everybody as a human, regardless if we are connected through a device or in real life!





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