Airfryer: Feta Cheese Triangles

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For my mom’s birthday we gave her an Airfryer. The friends and family around us that had one where very satisfied with it.

The Airfryer uses a unique technique to blast hot air around the food so it gets crispy on the outside and hot on the inside without (a lot of) oil or fat. Of course that is a good thing. Fried things are always nice but not very healthy.

Although a lot of people see the Airfryer as a fat-free frying pan, it is not the right description! The Airfryer is more a mini-oven and frying pan in one.

Not only is it good to fry goods but also it is easy to bake things in it. Also it is ideal for baking off bread.

Recently I used the Airfryer to make some Feta cheese triangles. This is a very easy recipe which is also in the Airfryers cooking guide.

What you need:

– Puff pastry  ~1 pack
– Feta cheese ~100 grams
– Spring onion
– An egg
– Parsley
– Pepper or other herbs

Put the egg, the Feta cheese, the spring onion and the other herbs together in a bowl and mix that up to get the filling.

Place the puff pastry on a flat surface. I used square ones but there are also bigger sheets. If you use a big sheet of puff pastry, cut it into big squares.

Grab a spoon and get each square of puff pastry a nice scoop of the filling. When you used all the filling on the different squares you can fold the squares. Grab one corner and put it exactly on the opposite corner so you have a triangle.

Use a fork to push the seams together so the triangle wont open when processed. When that is all done, turn on the Airfryer to 200* Celsius.

Use a brush to smear some oil on the surfaces of the triangles so they will have a nice glossy finish.

Put the triangles in the Airfryer and check regularly if they are almost done. It takes about 3-5 minutes for each batch to be ready.



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