Pan-made Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2016-05-16 18.34.58

Today I made a grilled cheese sandwich, or how we say in dutch: “Tosti” and no.. not from a sandwich grill but the one made in a pan!

The grilled cheese sandwich is eaten by a lot of people in lots of countries and areas. The grilled cheese sandwich is originated somewhere in the 1920s. Back then sliced bread and cheese became quite cheap and so people began to try out things with it.

It seems that the grilled cheese sandwich was also a very popular dish in the U.S. army during world war II. Recipes from navy cooks from that time were found in different versions.

You can make a classic grilled cheese sandwich: take two slices of bread, add a cheese you like, butter the sandwich a little and then lay it in a frying pan. Flip over until the both sides are golden brown and the cheese is fully melted.

Personally I like the taste of a grilled cheese sandwich from a pan better than from one made in a sandwich iron or panini grill.

The bread is less damaged and less dried out. Due to the pan heating the surface of the sandwich equally it gets a nice golden brown color. The outside of the sandwich is toasted but the bread closer to the cheese is still soft. Also with a pan made sandwich I have the feeling the cheese melts better.

There are a lot of versions for this dish and you can create your own version to. Just add things you like what goes together well in your opinion and put it between the bread.

I have 10 variations for you here:

  1. Classic – Sandwich with only a desired type of cheese;
  2. Ham and cheese – Sandwich with a slice of ham and cheese;
  3. Hawaii – Sandwich with a slice of ham, cheese and a pineapple slice;
  4. Egg – Sandwich with a slice of ham, cheese and an egg in between;
  5. Banana – Sandwich with sliced banana. Sometimes glazed with honey;
  6. Caprese – Sandwich with mozzarella, pesto, tomato and basil;
  7. Apple – Sandwich with sliced apple, raisins, brown sugar and cinnamon;
  8. Camembert – Sandwich with camembert, walnut, honey and basil;
  9. Pizza – Sandwich with tomato sauce, cheese, salami and basil;
  10. Strawberry – Sandwich with strawberry and chocolate, coated in icing sugar;

Enjoy! Let me know your preferred version in the comments!

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